How I Started Standing: Jessi Goodhart

If you had asked me three months ago what I would be doing today, writing a “How I Started Standing” blog post would not have come to mind. I would have been fresh off planning my first charity golf tournament and knee-deep organizing one of the best wine and food events in the area (not that I am biased).

I never thought I would be juggling multiple client projects, trying to find my way in agency life, and vying for the Mayorship of Standing Partnership. But, here I am, checking in every day!

I’ve had a diverse career, spanning everything from education and legal marketing to development. Most recently, I planned and managed events for a local children’s nonprofit agency. While I loved my job and still managed the media relations and communications for my events, I no longer had a seat at the broader communications table. Communications had always been such a huge part of every position I’d held, so this was a hard pill to swallow.

I reached out to Standing Partnership for a couple of reasons. I knew an agency would give me the opportunity to work in all of the areas that I was passionate about.  I had worked with members of the Standing team in the past, so I knew I would be working with and learning from some of the best in the industry. And, I couldn’t ignore Standing’s reputation as being one of the city’s best places to work.

After interviewing with several members of the team, I knew this was the next logical step for me. Today, you’ll find me doing a bit of everything: nonprofit, education and corporate communications. There’s even a little health care tossed in there.  And, while at times it feels like I am still figuring out where I stand in the communications mix, I know that I am Standing at the right place.