What We’re Reading: May 17-21, 2010

Standing Partnership’s picks of must-read links for the week



  1. Via BookofJoe and Nick Bilton and the New York Times, navigating the labyrinth of Facebook’s privacy. Even with the visual, we still don’t get it.
  2. What the Hashtag?! a great newfound resource for discovering hashtag chats happening on Twitter.
  3. From Kari Rippetoe, How to Use FourSquare for a Conference (or Exhibit Booth)
  4. When does reporting details hamper an investigation? Columbia Journalism Review weighs in!
  5. An interesting social experiment right in Standing Partnership’s backyard: New Panera location says pay what you want.
  6. Is your brand represented on Twitter? What can we learn from the top 20 brands already there?
    • Netwave Interactive

      The link to the top brands on Twitter is really interesting! A great way to demonstrate what the people are interested in. Not at all surprised to see that Twitter was the top brand.