Are Digg and Delicious Outdated?

For social media savvy savants, Digg and Delicious are two familiar tools that help you bookmark and share news with colleagues and friends. But a competitor may soon dethrone the popular sites to make way for a new Web 3.0 generation.

According to Fast Company, Twine uses artificial intelligence to find and store Web info. The site allows users to create threads, or “twines,” with information around ideas, people and events. As the users add new content, articles and topics, Twine tracks and assembles an “interest-based personality profile.” In contrast, users of Digg and Delicious generate the content by uses a voting (Digg) or tagging system (Delicious).

Twine’s popularity is rapidly growing. Since October 2008, visitors to the site have grown more than 40 percent each month. Fast Company predicts the site should surpass Delicious within the next few months as the Web’s premier bookmarking service.

Click here to read the Fast Company article about Twine and its founder, Nova Spivack. What are your thoughts about Twine vs. Digg and Delicious?

  • Waldo Jaquith

    Whenever a pop-culture, commercial venture says they’re using “artificial intelligence,” that’s a sure sign that they’re lying to you. The only question is how much they’re lying about—is it only the AI, or is that just the tip of the iceberg?