Julie Layton

Executive Assistant

Our Leadership Team makes Standing a great place to work—they’re transparent, fair and generous. And the people who gravitate to that are ones I’m proud to call my colleagues, as they possess the same qualities.

What are your areas of expertise?
My areas of expertise, as the executive assistant to our CEO and president, include things like managing calendars, scheduling meetings, coordinating travel and everything else in between that makes their professional lives easier and frees them to do the important reputation management work Standing is known for.

Years of relevant experience: 15

Why did you pick this industry?
I didn't really pick this industry initially—it picked me. While I was living in Chicago in the late ‘90s, a friend encouraged me to interview for an admin position at this brand-new PR firm where she recently had been hired. I did, and I got the job. I had never even heard of the PR industry…besides those that represented celebrities (I got my B.A. in theatre—we didn't get out much). I loved it there; I made some lifelong friendships, I was allowed to be silly--as I am wont to be--and I loved the energy. When I announced I was leaving Chicago to move back home to St. Louis, the HR manager recommended a company she had recently read great things about: The Standing Partnership. (Back then, there was a “The.”) I really wanted to stick with a PR firm, as I learned the ins and outs of the industry by then, and like I said, I got along so well with PR folks. So, I interviewed immediately and was hired on. And the rest is history.

Describe a project you loved working on, and explain why.
One of my finest (some might say infamous) moments here was in 2006. I was assisting the White Castle team with the promotion of the chicken rings (yes, chicken rings). Someone had the brilliant idea (please note my sarcasm) of going down to Live on the Levee—the concert series that used to be presented alongside Fair St. Louis, which was held on the riverfront landing in front of the Arch—with one of our team members dressed as a chicken…who hula hooped (get it?—chicken RINGS)…in an attempt to get noticed by the local TV stations who were there covering the concert. That hula-hooping chicken was me. I would've kept that chicken head on the entire time to hide my shame if it weren’t for the fact that it was July in St. Louis, on a 100-plus degree night. But not only do I now wear that humiliation like a badge of honor, I’m proud to say our stunt worked: I was captured by a TV camera! I recall watching the clip of a TV anchor saying, “they even have hula-hooping chickens down there!” Now, whether any consumers connected that image with White Castle chicken rings is unknown, but it sure exhibited my passion for excellent client service.

What do you do to unwind?
Any of the following methods: yoga, cooking, listening to jazz, watching “30 Rock,” petting cats, drinking snobby beer and hanging out with good friends.

What’s your go-to song at karaoke?
Bonnie Tyler’s immortal classic, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”


Saint Louis University (1997)
Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and English