Lindsay Auer


Why do I work at Standing? Two words: the culture. Standing values its employees, places a priority on continued learning, delivers strong results, celebrates our wins and successes, provides tough counsel (when needed) and gives back to our local community.

What are your areas of expertise?
Marketing Communications, Media Relations, Influencer Outreach, Internal Communications, Issues / Crisis Management, Corporate Reputation Management, Sustainability

Years of relevant experience: 10

What is your favorite part of your job?
As a newer member to the Standing team, I love being pulled in on new clients and projects. It’s both fun and challenging to learn about a new industry or company from scratch and show them the value we bring.

Why did you pick this industry?
Our industry is full of smart and creative people, and our business is always changing. It’s exciting to know you’ll never stop learning, and it’s inspiring to work with people who are strategic, passionate and curious. I find it extremely satisfying to collaborate and partner with clients to drive a measureable improvement or benefit to their business – it’s all about helping them be successful.

What do you do to unwind?
Play volleyball on Thursday nights with my friends. Sand in the summer and indoor courts in the winter. With several teammates over six feet tall, I’m usually the setter!

The best vacation I ever took was…
A tie between Ireland and Alaska. How can you choose between a two-week driving exploration of the Irish countryside with your mom, grandmothers and aunt, which included drinking Guinness, buying Waterford crystal and staying in castles, and a cruise with your parents and brother to the beautiful and pristine Alaskan coastline, where you zip-lined, landed on a glacier via helicopter and saw whales, grizzly bears and moose up close and in person?! Can you tell I love to travel? Ask me about my trips sometime!


Saint Louis University (2006)
Bachelor's degree in Communication, Creative and Professional Writing


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