A Cure for the Medical Field and Social Media


I have a confession to make: I rarely buy anything without looking for online reviews first. This tendency isn’t just for big purchases such as cars or television sets; on many occasions, I’ve searched doctors or urgent care facilities, even though I’m still convinced at my age that I’m invincible. Here’s another confession: I know I’m not alone.  > read post

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Fame, Fate and Forbes: How I Inadvertently Used the Internet to Further My Career


Recently, I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I was featured in a Forbes article, “The Case for Hiring ‘Under Qualified’ Employees: The 5 Best Reasons to Hire for Aptitude, Not Skills.”  As an intern, it’s been incredible exposure, and I’m more grateful than I could ever properly express to the author and contributors David K Williams, Cheryl Snapp-Conner and Mary Scott.  > read post