ER Docs Tweet, Connect Online: 5 Ways Physicians are Using Social Media

Health care is adopting social media and in particular, a social network developed specifically for physicians: Ozmosis. As we say on Facebook, Standing Partnership likes this. What better tool than a secure, private social network for physicians to connect, collaborate, learn, discover and grow? Having been on the patient side as well as consulted for health care practices, physician networks and hospitals, we know that physicians trust networks of peers, and that those peers are not always easy to connect to or locate when an answer is needed or a challenging patient case presents itself.

Enter Ozmosis, the Trusted Physician’s Network, a secure online tool providing U.S. licensed physicians a place they can turn daily for clinical, practice management and health policy information. Ozmosis is a social network like LinkedIn or Facebook, but it is offered exclusively for verified and licensed physicians so they can exchange medical knowledge in a trusted environment.

Physicians are Using Ozmosis To:

  1. Share clinical, practice management and health policy insights with peers
  2. Submit and discuss journal articles from across the Web such as this article about ER doctors learning to Tweet
  3. Reconnect with old classmates and colleagues to build a professional social network
  4. Consult on cases with verified physicians from across the country
  5. View, search and discuss real-time public health alerts

U.S. licensed physicians can register and use Ozmosis for free. Share this post with YOUR physician today; wouldn’t you rather have a health care provider who is connected to a network that can help him provide even better care for you?

  • Christi

    I’m curious if this crosses any lines with HIPPA? What’s the line when it comes to “best practices” with patients?