Getting to Know You Part II: Team Work

Lunch with Jadea and Patrick was a bit different than lunch with Beth and Maria. Firstly, we went to a restaurant where wearing denim is highly discouraged. This significantly cramped Patrick’s style—even when he wears a tie and dress shirt, he wears jeans and Converse sneakers (it’s true that one gets their best work done when comfortable). Secondly, I had been in my new position for a few more weeks and had a fairly concrete understanding of what my account coordinator duties would entail; so our conversation consisted of the best ways to assimilate to the Standing office culture.

I was told to really embrace the company’s culture. Be myself, smile a lot, be willing to help, hang out, attend office social events. In our field, it’s important to be surrounded by companions; in an agency, especially ours, we have people who have strong talents at very different skill sets. While I enjoy making use of technology and social media to further my clients’ goals, my coworkers may be skilled in media training, pitching, speech writing or strategic planning. In addition, many people in the office have years and years of experience and can lend support to ensure the final package we present lives up to our STANDards (sorry for the pun).

It’s all about teamwork. By understanding individual strengths, we can delegate assignments (“managing across,” as we like to call it) based on these skill sets and do the best possible work for our clients.