“Good afternoon, Standing Partnership”

In a July 21 article titled “Flexible schedules work best when thought out, detailed,” Chicago Tribune reporter Barbara Rose looks at the pros/cons of flextime in the business world. She points out that rising fuel prices may be spurring some organizations to be more flexible about – flexibility.

I’ve been flexing at Standing Partnership since 2002. I generally work four days a week and try to work from home a couple of days out of the month.

The key words are “generally” and “try.” In order for this to work for my employer, clients and me, I have to be flexible too. That might mean taking a call or an assignment on my day off, or adjusting my days to meet a client need.

Making sure this works for my colleages is equally important, so once a year we survey all employess (about many things) and include questions about how flex schedules are working.

We also make sure that our office hours are covered during normal business hours. Today, that means a colleague and I have volunteered to answer the office phones since we have the option (during summer Fridays) to allow the staff to leave early if they have completed their assignments and are not otherwise needed.

What are some ways your business is adding flexibility to its work week? What’s working? What’s not? Gotta run – the phone’s ringing!