Look What the Stork Dropped In: A New Branding Project

In just a short while, Standing will welcome a very junior member to its ever-expanding family –my newborn baby. For several months now, many people have asked us what our plans are in naming our baby. My husband and I have determined that this decision takes careful thought and methodical planning much like we “in the biz” accomplish when counseling clients in branding strategies – understanding & research, discovery, strategy, planning, implementation and evaluation.

As is the case with any branding project, this branding team (in this case, my husband and I) have researched long and hard and often squabbled over the perfect moniker for our tiny impending creation. We have strategized memorializing family names or succumbing to the trendy names of today. We have steered away from including additional team members in this deadline-stricken project as they all have different opinions and want the baby to be named after them (SI, you know who you are). With the recent baby boom in Hollywood, we have been impressed by the celebrities’ creative yet unconventional tactics when naming their offspring, but often have wondered how these children will be treated by their peers and colleagues in the long run. I mean, how can you say with a straight face – “Apple, please get me this week’s operations report?” As parents we are solely responsible for shaping the lives of our children and it begins with a single image, in this case, a name. But, is it possible we could be overthinking this internal project of ours and should just go with what our heart is telling us?

  • Mistie

    Sometimes the best strategy, after all the research and planning has been completed, is just to go with your gut.
    So yes, go ahead and name the baby Mistie Lee-you know you want to! tongue laugh