Managing Your Personal Reputation

I’ve heard some people talk about online profiles such as those in Facebook — how they have created one “personal” and one “professional” version.


This concept really has me flummoxed. It’s as if people think they can live double lives online — and I’m not convinced that’s possible or even worthwhile. You’re YOU and frankly, if you have content (or photos or video) out there you don’t want your business colleagues to see, well . . . too late. Just ask David Hasselhoff, Nancy Kerrigan, Michael Richards, or anyone else who’s been caught, recorded and shared to the detriment of their reputation.

If you’re using Facebook, create ONE profile and realize that your employer and future employers will likely see it. Make sure you’re comfortable with who you are online. If you’re blogging (non-anonymously) and commenting on others’ blogs, manage your online reputation consistently by being comfortable with what you’re sharing publicly. After all, the world is watching.

  • Todd Jordan

    My vote and mode is one profile at each socnet site and others that I’m on.  It’s hard enough to keep my nose clean on one profile let alone more.
    I decided some time back that I’d take the risk of being out there online, and hope for the best.  But it keeps me honest.  It helps knowing that I’m not hiding to remind me to be more transparent and keep opinions vs facts obvious as well.
    Also, knowing that however unlikely it is that my work is watching, that they could be keeps me from ranting and going off on political tears.
    Makes me want to blog about this too. Good topic.