Pointless Posts: Five Suggestions for Engaging Blog Readers

Defining what makes good content is a somewhat subjective exercise, much like debating what constitutes a good movie or what pizza is better, N.Y. Style or thin crust … definitely thin crust.

I am by no means an authority on blogging. However, as the intern at Standing Partnership, I’ve had the luxury of learning from some of the best and brightest people in the business. For me, writing blogs is still new, but with practice, suggestions from colleagues and a good amount of reading tips and methods, I have built a foundation that will serve me well in the future. Without further ado, here are areas that I recommend considering when writing content for blog posts: 

  • Utility and Uniqueness – What purpose does your post serve? Think about what point you want to get across to you reader. This will also help formulate ideas for your blog, allow you to stay on point and keep your posts concise.
  • Entertainment - While blogs serve as a way to educate, inform and share ideas, the most successful blogs do this in an entertaining way that makes it fun for the viewer. Don’t be too systematic with your posts. Embrace your personality and let your voice shine through. It’s OK to put yourself out there, but be conscious that others are reading (no, I am not that paranoid but it’s still good to keep in the back of your mind).
  • Informative – Does your blog provide current or real world information, or does it serve as an outlet to rant like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli?
  • Debate – Some of the best blogs I read find ways to spark conversations or debates without posing actual questions to the viewer. Remember, you can have an opinion, but it’s always good to show both sides of a topic. Write about an issue and watch the comments pour in.
  • Consistency – Map out how often you plan to write and stick to your schedule. This makes it easier to obtain frequent viewers and a fan base. Also, think ahead about what you’re going to write. I recommend formulating ideas on a monthly basis, because you want your posts to be relevant to current events in your community.

Most importantly, blogging should be fun while informative. Don’t think about it as a chore, I like to look at blogs as creative and therapeutic (at times). What are some other recommendations for engaging blog readers?