Standing Presents—Behind the Scenes at Standing Partnership

In February my colleague Chrissy blogged about Standing Partnership’s first-ever edition of Standing Presents, a new cultural event we designed with six-minute presentations on everything from client highlights to personal interests.  The idea is to enliven our happy hours by learning more about and from each other – all while sharpening our presentation skills.

Yesterday we spiced up a Wednesday afternoon with our second edition of Standing Presents, and I’m proud to report it was a resounding success!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • Standing’s resident theatre star, Julie Layton (take a moment to click that link and check out that fabulous costume – we’ll wait), helped us understand how a play becomes a show.
  • Accounting Manager Susan Zumwinkel reminded an office full of “word people” that numbers can be compelling too – with a six-minute short about a detective on the trail of the “Case of the Missing Time.” Of all of the creative ways Susan has nudged us to enter our time, this is the only one I can remember that generated laughter and applause. (Take a minute to watch the video below – you won’t be sorry!)
  • A recent addition to the team, Jessie Muir raised the energy level in the room with a presentation on her outside-the-office passion, Zumba. A certified instructor, Jessie helped us all work on our moves, and our cardio, with her lively presentation.
  • Nick Sargent brought us all inside an exciting client project he’s been working on – a video production project for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

In an office of people that work hard and move fast, it’s nice to take some time to share our passions (both inside and outside of work) among the full group. I’m already looking forward to next quarter’s edition of Standing Presents!

  • Marijean

    I LOVE this (the series and this post)! Great job, guys—it’s so great to see the behind-the-scenes look and witness you all sharing the passions that make you individuals and great people to know!

  • Ashlyn Brewer

    Thank you, Marijean! We really had a great time, and it’s been a nice addition to our tried-and-true Fridays at Four. smile