Summer Fridays

Standing Partnership has taken a cue from several of our clients and instituted “summer Fridays.” We’ve previously offered the option to cut out at noon one Friday a month, provided staff had logged all weekly time before lunchtime. This summer, however, EVERY Friday is a summer Friday, with many of us working longer days earlier in the week so we can extend our weekends a bit. Office staff at the HQ take turns giving up one Friday to “person” the phones and make it all possible.

I’ve had trouble, in the past, fitting these bonus mini-vacation days into my schedule. It seems like some need or unfinished project would push into the late afternoons at the end of the week, but this summer, I’m doing my best to take advantage of this offer, even if it means working a bit earlier in the day. An afternoon poolside is just too tempting to resist.

How does your workplace celebrate summertime? Do you have the option to flex your time and enjoy the weather?

  • Marriage-101

    My workplace doesn’t do anything. Not even jeans on Fridays. I love the summer Fridays idea though!