Trade Show Marketing, Part 3—Social Media After the Show

In my two last posts, I shared tips to help you build your social media following to preview your tradeshow, and to find ways to connect with your followers at the tradeshow or event. So now you’ve tweeted about the cool raffle taking place at your booth and had dozens of people scan your QR codes and watch your videos on YouTube – but don’t let that excitement and interest in your company fade away! Continue engaging with your new contacts after the tradeshow to keep building those connections (and possible business leads).

Here are a few ways to continue tapping into your social media networks after your event:

  • Respond to any questions or comments that you received to keep the conversation going even after the exhibit hall closes.
  • Use your channels to ask for feedback – what did your customers and prospects think of the event? This is especially helpful if the tradeshow was part of a more robust event that included workshops and other educational components.
  • Upload a blog post about trends you noticed during the show. People appreciate learning about the future of their industry so it is good to position your company as an expert.
  • Continue posting engaging and informative content online. Youworked so hard to build up your fan base, so give them a reason to keep coming back to your sites! Use your Facebook page to poll fans about your brand and products, write blog posts providing tips for overcoming challenges in your industry, and upload helpful videos that may address product use or customer service questions.

How are you using social media for your events? What have you found to be most successful?