What We’re Reading - Komen Foundation Crisis Communication Case Study

This week our team has watched the Komen Foundation’s Planned Parenthood decision, backlash and subsequent reversal closely.  And while we all have a stake, and our own personal opinions, regarding the women’s health implications that are part of the larger conversation, we were equally fascinated with the crisis communications work in play.

Here’s a few interesting stories worth reading if you need to get up-to-speed on this week’s latest crisis communications case study:

  1. The Public Relations Society of America labeled Komen’s actions and messaging a “faulty public relations strategy” in a blog post this week.
  2. Time magazine tracked the conversation as Planned Parenthood and Komen issued statements and responses to each other’s statements, and so on.
  3. Spin Sucks has a great round-up of the public relations implications surrounding Komen’s decision to delete negative Facebook posts after they made their Planned Parenthood announcement.  It’s a stark reminder that one has to consider the social media response to a potentially controversial decision before you announce it.
What crisis communications lessons do you think we can learn from a situation in which the company’s own announcement causes the crisis?