What We’re Reading: Jan. 24-28

We’re still in the first month of 2011.  Here at Standing that means that we’re busy with new projects and getting to know new coworkers (Welcome, Maria & John!). However, for many mid-January means something else entirely – the beginning of a new semester. In honor of our friends in academia, we’re dedicating this week’s “What We’re Reading” to some of the best stories we’ve read in education.

1.  The President’s State of the Union Address this week focused on the United States’ education system.  Education Week has a nice roundup on their blog discussing what the implications may be.

2. According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. students science scores don’t seem to measure up internationally, causing concern about our future competitiveness in science & technology. 

3. But, despite those test scores, technology use is seaping into every facet of education.  One school in Jefferson County is going completely paperless, relying on tablets and other electronic devices

4. Local school district, Parkway, will provide free, full-day Kindergarten for the 2011-12 school district.  This an exciting step in preparing our region’s students for national and international competitiveness.

  • Pat Simpson

    As a nation, we’d see much better outcomes if more attention was given to kindergarten readiness. Supporting Parents as Teachers efforts nationwide could do so much to move children into the K-12 system ready to learn. Waiting until kindergarten for learning to begin is wasting 5 years of a child’s most receptive period of learning and missing an opportunity to hook parents into the learning process.

  • Ashlyn Brewer

    Great comment, Pat.  I love your thought about fostering parental involvement early, especially since we know how vital it is throughout the child’s entire educational process.