What We’re Reading: Social Media Roundup

At Standing we like to give kudos. So, a big shout out to the Social Media Club of St. Louis (or as members like to call it, #smcstl) for a great event last night…and for inspiring the theme for this week’s blog post – social media, of course! Follow along and enjoy the @mentions and the #trendingtopics in the following paragraphs:

  1. @JayBaer- how blogger outreach changes the PR timeline forever: After learning about a failed experiment using bloggers to report during a four-course meal, our friend Jay Baer realized the key to the triangular connection between pr firms, social media and bloggers is building relationships with bloggers before you need them, not when you need them. But how do these firms find the time it takes to build rapport? Baer’s answer: convince your client (or boss) it’s worth it.
  2. @nytimestwitter study tracks where we are  Have you ever seen a #tgif! trend? Yes, most likely, on a Friday morning. Or what about a #willthisweekeverend trend on a Wednesday afternoon around 2 p.m.? Thanks to new technology and the textual analysis of over 500 million tweets, a study found the key to global mood swings, from days of the week to hours in the day, by looking into Twitter, which tracks emotions all over the world.
  3. @fastcompany: Fresh, crispy Apple Twitters could deepfry Facebook’s future. If mobile apps and new technology excite you, then pay attention to the upcoming Apple/Twitter partnerships. Rumor has it that the soon-to-be-released #iPhone5 and #iPad3 both feature upgraded Twitter apps, making usage a breeze – compared to #facebook, that is. 
  4. @clickz: Google Zeitgeist, Like TED, Focuses on Big Picture. @Google, like TED, has started to release near real-time videos of selected portions of the annual Zeitgeist conference. Fans also follow live updates via the trending #zeitgeist topic on Twitter. This year’s topics revolved around online marketing through PPC search, online advertising, social media as well as the correlation between passion and success in advertising.
  5. @OnPointRadio: And, for as much as we read here at Standing, we also take time to listen to the world around us. Allow me, or to introduce you to the brainteaser of the week: #einsteiniswrong. Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=mc2, is the one piece of physics everybody knows. It states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.  It’s the basis, the bedrock, of modern physics.  And last week, out of the big CERN facility in Europe, came the stunning news that some speedy little neutrinos have been clocked traveling faster – faster than the speed of light. Although physicists are still waiting (#crossingmyfingers) for confirmation, if indeed this is true, I would seriously start considering time travel, #BacktotheFuture.

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