Yes, We Really Are That Cool

Standing’s “outstanding” (sorry, couldn’t resist!) sabbatical policy was just featured in this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, along with some – ahem – interesting opinions on the concept of corporate sabbaticals by experts from the Society for Human Resource Management. With all due respect to the HR people, I think in this case they’re missing the point. Are there short-term costs involved with giving sabbaticals? Sure. But, smart companies – Google comes to mind – know that short-term investments in people means long-term loyalty, increased productivity and heightened creativity.

And what does that translate into? For Google, domination in its industry. For companies like Standing, happy employees (like my recent sabbatical-taking colleague Julie blogged about) mean happy clients – and happy clients means a great reputation that brings in more clients. Which means? Yep, that’s right – profits. Which makes everyone happy.

See, smart business is also fun business…and we’re having a lot of fun at Standing! How about you? Are you having fun at your business these days?

  • Todd Jordan

    Yes, that’s a wonderful sounding policy.  I’d be willing to take a sabbatical without pay if I knew I could come pack.  Just would take some planning financially.  But it’d also be a way to totally immerse in an experience in your life.
    Glad to hear about this. Maybe it will spread in St. Louis.