Standing Partnership’s approach to reputation management relies on strategy, public affairs, internal communications, corporate social responsibility, and issues and crisis management to build, protect and restore corporate reputations. 

Standing Partnership’s reputation management programs begin on a solid foundation of strategy – understanding the company’s mission, vision, current situation and vision for long-term success. In a customized discovery process, we analyze the gap between how an organization wants to be seen, and how its key stakeholders see it now. Then we develop strategies to close that gap.

One vital reputation management strategy is internal communications, which help align all internal stakeholders with the company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives.

Our team also provides public affairs counsel to help organizations navigate regulatory and legislative processes. We collaborate with clients to identify the risks to their reputation, develop plans that ensure their freedom to operate and promote acceptance of their products and processes.

Additionally, we identify ways to audit, improve and communicate an organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. These programs instill trust among stakeholders.

Standing Partnership’s approach to issues and crisis management mitigates reputational risk. We prepare customized crisis plans, conduct management training and manage actual crises that threaten an organization’s corporate reputation and freedom to operate.

This integrated reputation management approach is the best way to build, protect and restore corporate reputation. Although we design high-caliber programs specific to each of these disciplines, we believe we achieve the best results when these disciplines work together.