Today, companies face increasingly regulated environments that can potentially impact their business strategy and corporate reputation. Standing Partnership develops targeted, strategic public affairs programs that protect corporate reputation and maintain freedom to operate.

Public Affairs and Corporate Reputation

In today’s global business environment, consumers, special interest groups and media outlets have unprecedented access to information. That influence can make or break a new product approval, impact regulations, or significantly damage industry and corporate reputation. However, access to information also lets organizations and industry groups listen, respond and quickly adapt to stakeholder insights.

The regulatory and legislative processes are designed to provide stakeholder input and influence. That’s why our public affairs, government affairs and communications strategies emphasize relationship building and ongoing communications with all key stakeholders. We encourage transparency and create strategies that support dialogue, feedback and information sharing. Listening and conversation build relationships and dramatically shift perceptions. Relationships are critical to establishing a positive corporate reputation.

Public Affairs in a Reputation Management Program

Public affairs and government affairs initiatives should be integrated into the overall business strategy, as part of a comprehensive corporate reputation management process. The Standing Partnership team first works to identify reputational risks and opportunities. Then we develop outreach programs that engage and inform key stakeholders.

We partner with our clients to develop creative strategies for outreach based on the business need. Good public affairs and government affairs strategies are not developed in a vacuum. They’re informed by business strategy and an organization’s key stakeholders.

Standing Partnership’s Public Affairs Experience 

Our approach to public affairs focuses on developing strategies that create and protect markets, increase stakeholder trust, strengthen relationships and change behaviors. We use tools, like grasstops strategies, alliances, partnerships, and advocacy and educational programs, designed to inform and influence.

Our team understands the challenge of working in highly regulated and complex industries. We help organizations: 

  • Identify emerging issues and potential opportunities.
  • Develop strategic public affairs and government affairs plans.
  • Establish third-party coalitions.
  • Inform and mobilize influential third parties.
  • Develop public education campaigns.
  • Navigate the regulatory approval process.